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ASAP contains protein fractions and amino acids that allow your body to release the abnormal fat stores to be used as fuel. ASAP contains only certified grade raw materials processed according to “Good Manufacturing Practices” and is made in the USA.

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Triple Truffle Chocolate



      Triple Treat Box of Probiotic Chocolate 

Treat #1 – Fair Trade, Kosher-Certified Cocoa

Aside from the fact that it’s a tasty treat, cocoa stimulates endorphin production, giving us the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Boasting a healthy dose of serotonin (a mood lifter) and theobromide (a natural stimulant), cocoa contains healthy fats which do not impact cholesterol levels in healthy adults.

Dark chocolate has many beneficial polyphenolic bioflavanoids that have powerful antioxidant properties which can actually help to protect you from damaging oxidative stress. Harvard researchers recently found that cocoa flavanols (protective substances that are also abundant in dark chocolate) help improve blood flow to the brain, which could slow the mental decline that occurs as you age.

Treat #2 – Super-Antioxidant Blueberries

Our Wild Blueberries are super-rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are warriors against free-radicals, the chemical buzz-bombs that compromise our health on a daily basis. Long touted as being an excellent source of dietary fiber, manganese and Vitamin C, Blueberries have gained popularity as antioxidants due to their high ORAC value.

Naturally fat-free, Blueberries have also been found to be beneficial in supporting urinary tract health. Although Blueberries are present in Youngevity® Triple Treat Chocolate, the only taste you will detect will be rich, creamy, chocolatey goodness!

Treat #3 – Proprietary  Probiotic Blend

Probiotics are micro-organisms which are beneficial to the body by providing microbial balance to the intestine. According to the World Health Organization, by definition, a Probiotics must be alive, beneficial and safe. Until now, the most common source of Probiotics have been dairy products such as active yogurt cultures. Probiotics are beneficial in supporting regularity, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy blood pressure levels, and optimal immune function.

Because our Probiotics are suspended in chocolate, 80% of the healthy bacteria will pass through to the intestine, which is exactly where it needs to be to do its job. That’s a much higher pass-through than you will find with most yogurts! There are over 500 million live healthy bacteria for every 8 grams of chocolate at the time of manufacture. The effective level will be maintained at least to the end of the “best by” date on the package. 

Youngevity Pollen Burst

This first-generation anti-aging drink helps the body fight the damages done to it by dangerous free radical molecules, toxins, and other environmental stresses.

The use of pollen is not unique to our modern world. The people of ancient China, Persia, and Egypt used pollen, collected from bees, for its remarkable health promoting benefits. Until recently, only bees, because of special enzymes in their saliva, have been able to penetrate the pollen husk and benefit from its contents. Thanks to modern, patented technology,flower pollen can now be raised and harvested in its purest, uncontaminated form.

Pollen Burst™ is made solely from harvested flower pollen that is far superior to bee pollen. Bee pollen is collected by bees from a variety of flowers, plants, and weeds near the hive. While doing its work, however, the bee contaminates this pollen mixture with molds, spores, and bacteria. Thus, it is impossible to produce stable, consistent, and clean pollen from this contaminated source. It should be emphasized that the major problem with bee pollen is not the pollen itself, but the collection, storage, and processing methods used by the bee.

Pollen Burst™ is created from pharmaceutical grade, pure organic flower pollen extracts to ensure the most powerful, full-spectrum, non-allergenic source of nutrition in the world today! Each packet of Pollen Burst™ delivers short term and sustained energy, along with powerful micronutrient support in just the form nature intended!


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