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Healthy Body Challenge | Youngevity

Healthy Body Challenge

Youngevity HLS™

Achieve and maintain a life-long, healthy weight*

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about pounds and inches. It’s also about vitality and wellness. It’s about arming yourself against disease, illness, and injury. Healthy weight management isn’t just about losing pounds and inches. It’s about thriving and flourishing. It’s about being able to live life to the fullest.

If these are your health goals, then Youngevity HLS™ is for you! This eating plan is designed to help you achieve optimal wellness through well-designed combinations of nutrient dense foods that deliver complete and balanced nutrition.

The foods recommended in HLS™ are nutrient-dense and complement one another, thereby providing enhanced benefits.

HLS™ is a perfect guide for individuals to know exactly what to eat and at what times. In addition, HLS™ meal plans are categorized by calorie count. This lets you tailor HLS™ to fit your specific tastes and needs.

Zradical Fucoidan Super-Nutrient

ASAP Weight Loss Program As-Slim-As-Possible

Start Losing Weight Today! Call ASAP 888.747.9977
The ASAP Weight Loss Program is real and it works. No fast talk, no fancy advertising, and no exaggerated claims of success.

Our Guarantee: By doing your part to follow the proven ASAP Program, we guarantee you will like the way you look and love the way you feel.

What is ASAP?
ASAP contains protein fractions and amino acids that allow your body to release the abnormal fat stores to be used as fuel. ASAP contains only certified grade raw materials processed according to “Good Manufacturing Practices” and is made in the USA.
ASAP Program for Success
Every human body has 3 different types of fat:

  • Structural (visceral) Fat in and around muscles, cushioning organs, padding of bottoms of feet, etc.
  • Normal (dermal) Fat is directly under the skins surface and provides the soft cushioning between the skin and frame of the body.
  • Abnormal (adipose) Fat is under the dermal fat and not available for use by the metabolism until the other 2 kinds of fat are reduced.

Abnormal Fat can be viewed as “famine fat”. It is stored by the body for emergency famine. Yo-yo dieting contributes to the storage of this type of fat because the body begins to question the availability of fuel (food). When calories are restricted, the body stores all the fat it can to save up for the lean times!

Most typical reduced calorie diets will not produce the best results for those individuals with an abundance of Abnormal Fat stores because their bodies will begin by burning the wrong kind of fat. When a low caloric diet is introduced to the system, the Normal reserves of fat are used up first. As a result, most people look gaunt and drawn after a reduced caloric diet. Although the normal reserves of fat have been reduced, the abnormal fat remains intact.

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Youngevity Healthy Chocolate Free Samples

YGY Healthy Chocolate™

•High ORAC Score at 135000 per Liter – That’s 3994 per ounce!
(As Tested by UBE Analytical Laboratories (ID Test# 09-01043)
•Contains High-Quality, Antioxidant Rich Cocoa
•Supports & Promotes Optimal Health an Wellness†
•Contains the Most Popular Exotic Health Juices from around the world: Açaí, Mangosteen, Cupuaçu, Goji Berry & Cherry.

The Gold Standard for Antioxidant Support!
•No added sweeteners or sugars
•Whole food juices
•Huge pre-sold market
(Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?)
•Supports and promotes healthy immune system function, healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy cardiovascular function†
•Tastes great with your favortie juice, water, milk, or even cheese cake!
•Boosts energy, mood and libido†

Theo Ratliff Reboundfx Sports Nutrition | 90 for Life

Endorsed by NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff, this high-energy
sports drink gives you quick, sustained energy. Indulge in the luscious taste of Tropical Tirade™, Melon Madness™, or Berri Boost™. Rebound fx™ is more than just a drink…it’s absolute performance! Unlike other  sports drinks, Rebound fx™ is a high-energy drink that offers a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and important minerals such as potassium.

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie | Chinese (Mandarin)

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Podcasts 10 Feb 2010

Dr. Wallach begins the radio broadcast discussing the health benefits of chocolate. Outlining the various compounds in dark chocolate such as the antioxidant, flavonals and theobromine. Citing the body systems that each compound supports and how it accomplishes this via biochemistry.

Japanese Audio | Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

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Track 2
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Track 10

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